PPP Project

Picture of a Picture of a Picture Project

Brief recap: I mailed 36 handcrafted pictures to participants who in turn took a picture of the picture in their environment. The recipient then sent me a picture of the picture to be posted on my website gallery. Its final resting place.

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Objects are interesting, how they surround us, help define us, ground us, free us, chain us. Whether it be a prehistoric trash heap of shells or a modern day closet overflowing with clothes left after our passing, we humans leave objects behind, like breadcumbs trailing our existence.   As a nomadic artist I have a love/hate relationship with collecting and creating objects, and yet I continue to do both.   In every new environment, I collect things, perhaps as a way of nesting in a new surrounding, claiming territory, researching, and self identifying. These things grow personalities for me-I attach memories and histories to them… Which brings me to the PPP project. In the midst of a transatlantic move I thought more joy would come from releasing these hand made collage pieces into the world rather than storing them.

The project evolved from hand picking an artwork and mailing it with love to it being received into another person’s reality surrounded by their other collectibles: house plants, magnets, clutter, art, books, babies, nooks, and crannies.  The artwork disolved into it’s new environment and was no longer mine, making the work complete. Without knowing the outcome when we began I can say it’s a visual conversation of exchange. Social media has made it easier for us to consume information about each other and interact quickly, a fast food version of community. This project is about finding new modes to interact with new media that inspire a slow digestion of ideas and response. Thanks to everyone for participating!

36 mailed artworks, 4″ x 6″, watercolor, mylar, sewing, on paper

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