South Series

Southern Landscape I, mylar, acrylic, thread, china marker, paint and graphite  6ft H x 5ft W x 3in D 2011, Inspired by drives on southern back roads, seeing the forgotten past like rusted abandoned cars taken over by nature. Text reads …..  Cars Totem-they were stacked up like a totem pole on the side of the road-all rusted, vermillion, busted windows, one on top of the other, a giant lawn ornament, made from metal dreams of the past-now junk-slowly returning, to its maker-slowly being reclaimed-by the uncultivated vines, palmettos, and oak trees.

Southern Landscape II, mylar, acrylic, china marker 6ft H x 5ft W x 3in D, 2011,  Inspired by the southern  sunsets, the swamps, and the trash that gathers in rural areas. I am interested in the narrative that objects hold and their relationship to people, places, and history.    Text is a prose poem (The mangroves connected like wishbones-Bones shared by both chicken and dinosaur-the clouds were cotton candy popcorn-holding on to the last moments of sun before it went back-to China.

Inside Out, vinyl, acrylic, nylon, yarn, 8ft H x 4 ft W x 3in D, 2010, Interests in beauty and the grotesque; the relationship of man to his environment more specifically the use of entrails to tell fortunes

Road Kill Inside Out, vinyl, faux fur, fabric, batting, chicken wire, acrylic2ft H x 6ft L x 4ft W, 2010, The deer is part of a larger piece called “Inside Out”, examining beauty through the grotesque.  The deer, an animal once thanked for its meat and majestic nature, now seen as a sport, or decoration, or at worst detritus on the side of the interstate.